Lay bet tip


Lay bet is a low-risk bet with a smaller win. This type is quite popular, very successful and profitable in a long-term period. It is based on your defining the sum you’d like to win and betting it against the team you suppose will lose, or draw the game. The idea is that in case you’re sure that a certain team will win and you’re not satisfied with the odds you’re offered, you could define how much you want to gain by your selves. This betting system is mainly observed in betfair, but it could be applied to all bookmakers as “Double Chance”(bet for the favourite).



Ipswich Town vs Bolton (1 home win-1.70 odd);( x draw-3.30 odd);(2 away win-3.50 odd)

So now you want to win 10 euro ,and you bet it against Bolton

If the Ipswich Town wins you win 10 euro ,if they draw you win 10 euro. If Bolton win you lose 35.00 Euro. (10 Euro x 3.50 = 35.00 euro – stake 10 euro = 25.00 euro clear loss)

In this category we offer you one match daily, you define the betting profit by yourselves. You should do it very carefully in order to be able to duplicate it in case of a loss and get the money back a.s.a.p. Unlike the other bets, here your bank should be high so that it could cover an eventual loss.

This method is strongly recommended by our team, as the betting is always in favour of the better team and the game selection is easier, but in no case underestimated.