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Welcome to the world of betting!
We’ve been dealing with analysing and betting for quite a long time. This is how we make our living and this is what we really do well! The creation of this website came as a natural consequence of our job outside the internet community. After analysing and selecting all types of sport games for ourselves, we came up with the idea of sharing it with all of you at a reasonable price! Our office is full with talented tipsters, who work according to a well-established and long-time proven system of betting. Following our tips you’ll be given the opportunity to enter this unique atmosphere, to understand the features and advantages of the online betting, to earn good money through one of the most pleasant and easiest ways of earning – by betting.
For us, as an organization is very important to always make the correct analysis and selection of games – according to our requirements and system, regardless of the final score. We are at your disposal to minimize the losses and increase the wins. Our professional attitude and serious approach towards every game is what differs us from our competitors. And despite the history and all the years behind us our passion in doing this has never left us.
We all know that in sports betting everything is possible, sometimes even the most illogical things could happen. In order to be absolutely honest with you we could tell you that maybe not all of the tips you’ll receive could be winning, but that the hard work that stands behind each one of them is the same. In order to start winning with us, you must also be prepared for losing. Our percentage ratio is 81% to 19% in favour of the successful tips – the dreamed result for every bet lover!
It will be a pleasure for our team to have you as a client and cooperate! If you have interesting ides in regard to the online betting, please, feel free to share them on the e-mail below!

5 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi there,
    I would like to get started with your services do you have a price for the full packed. (tennis,lay,basketball,soccer)every day minimum 3 months.
    Also the best way to pay you.
    Thanks and looking forward starting asap.
    Gr Thijs van der Hoeven

  2. hi,i would like to buy tips over 1.5 and top.Could write me please how many tips i can get for 25e.Thans a lot.

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